Sofia Belaya - Подъём [clip]

23 the people was involved
1 shooting day
4 special costume

Technical task

Create a summer children's video with a clear association of fun on vacation.

About the creation of a video

The children worked a full day film, which inexpressibly surprised. After the scene of Sofia under the shower, it became clear that she was a real artist, despite the fact that it was already quite cool. Their ability to work is amazing.

Location: the recreation center "Bokovenka".

Choreography: Alena Yakovunnik. School of Modern Choreography #Yadance

Crane operator: Vyacheslav Merzlikin

Idea and Brhmafilms:

Sergey Gusyatnik

Artyom Bondarenko

Evgeny Zinchenko

Evgeny Tsarenko.

Special thanks to parents for their assistance in facilitating